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Handi Quilter INFINITY 

Schedule a private lesson with one of our teachers and learn how to load your quilt, thread, and Free Motion quilt on the Handi Quilter 26" Infinity stand-up long arm. Completing this session will give you an overview of functions and gives you the basic skills needed to quilt your own masterpieces. The required $45.00 Training Session must be completed prior to renting the Infinity to complete your quilts. We strongly advise you to view any Handi Quilter You Tube videos after your lesson. This helps you be more prepared when working on your own quilts and allows you to expand your knowledge base for free! If you find that you need extra help, we can arrange a refresher course for you.

On completion y
ou will be eligible to schedule our Pro-Stitcher lesson that will teach you how to use hundreds of computerized designs that will stitch out beautifully for you! 

Supplies: All supplies can be purchased at the Quilt Gallery
  • Wholecloth or basic pieced quilt no bigger than 60" x 60".  (this will be your practice quilt so make sure it is something that you don't mind if mistakes are made!
  • Quilting Thread of Choice
  • Batting
Our One Day Lesson covers the following:
  • Machine Start-Up
  • Machine Maintenance (cleaning/oiling, changing needles)
  • Loading Quilts with either Red Snappers or Pinning
  • Threading Machine and how to adjust Tension
  • Loading Bobbins
  • Setting Up Free Motion
  • Familiarizing Yourself with the Hand Controls
  • Using Low-Bobbin Sensor 

Class Fee: $45.00 one day lesson

Requirements: This class is required for anyone who wants to rent our HQ Infinity to machine quilt their own quilts. 
Teachers: Samantha, Mary or Marianne
Call (406-257-5799) or email to schedule your class

Rental  Rates & Times:
Half Day: $45.00 - From 12pm - 5pm (5 hours) Use your time wisely as there are NO breaks for the half day rental
Full Day: $85.00 - From 9:30am - 5:30pm (8 hours) Full day rentals are allotted a 30 minute lunch break @ 12pm
Rent by the Hour - $15.00

 Individually scheduled. Please call to set up your time.

We ask that you not wear any perfumes or scented lotions when taking classes as many people unfortunately suffer from allergic reactions to fragrances. Thank you for understanding.

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