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Quilt Gallery is the authorized BERNINA Dealer in the Flathead Valley. We offer quality BERNINA and bernette machines for all your sewing and quilting needs. Come in and see for yourself why we think BERNINA is simply the best there is.

We offer  Mastery Classes for anyone looking to become more familiar with their machines. These classes are FREE for customers purchasing machines from the Quilt Gallery in the last 12 months. Please call the store for more information.

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Software    Bernette

8 Series

880 Plus
The BERNINA 880 Plus is the highest quality in sewing and embroidery! This machine offers an extensive collection of decorative, utility, and quilting stitches.  Automated features, including automatic threading, hands free pressure foot lifting, and automatic thread cutting, make sewing a breeze with this quiet, powerful machine. The jumbo bobbin holds 70% more thread than traditional bobbins meaning you spend more time sewing and less time winding bobbins. The BERNINA 880 Plus offers an abundance of embroidery functions, including pinpoint placement, stitch control, and enhanced editing functions, to ensure you get beautiful results every time! You can embroidery large designs using the Jumbo hoop (15" x 10"). The BERNINA 880 Plus is intuitive to use and the embroidery consultant helps your choose threads, hoop, needle, and stabilizer. The enhanced editing feature enables you to really personalize your projects. The Bonus designs include "in the hoop" projects for 3-D creativity.
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7 Series

700 E


Bernina’s first embroidery only machine offers even more features and options for embroidery lovers. The B700 works only with the embroidery module and is an embroidery only machine.

  • Choose from 320 embroidery designs, 18 embroidery fonts and 1 large monogram set – all built-in
  • Design editing mode with positioning, mirroring, rotating, combining and resizing of motifs
  • Create curved lettering effects
  • Alter stitch density
  • Combine alphabets with embroidery
  • Create beautiful endless embroidery designs
  • Resequence complex combinations according to color
  • Choose alternative color options before stitching out
  • Save your created designs on the machine or USB stick
  • Import additional designs to the machine
  • Precise positioning of the designs with the Check function
  • Help on demand: the Embroidery Consultant and built-in tutorials offer direct on-screen support and answers to your questions whenever you need them
  • Use Thread-up Command to lower and raise the needle bringing the bobbin thread to the top of the fabric at the start of stitching leaving the underneath side of an embroidery project beautiful and clean
  • Move hoop to back for easy bobbin threading
  • Move hoop to center for threading of upper thread
  • Move to center of embroidery pattern
  • Multiple spoolholder for up to 15 threads included

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Bernina 790
The BERNINA 790 is the ideal machine for sewing fine fabrics and gives you uninterrupted sewing pleasure thanks to 70% more bobbin capacity and 10 inches of space to the right of the needle for big sewing endeavors. Create your own stitches by drawing right on the touch screen and experience ease of sewing with a presser foot that lowers automatically at the beginning of a seam, semi-automatic threading, and thread that is cut automatically when you reach the end of a seam by a press of a button. With simple Embroidery functionality, you can easily position, mirror, rotate and resize motifs on the touch screen, review position and colors of the design before embroidering, and save your designs directly on the machine or a USB stick.
Download 880 Plus Brochure

Bernina 770 Quilter's Edition
The BERNINA 770QE includes a meticulously-engineered extra-long free-arm with ten inches of space to right of the needle and comes withthe BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension, a BERNINA innovation, provides ideal thread tension for each and every stitch type, in any variation. The BERNINA 770 QE is equipped with the BSR function, includes the Patchwork foot 97D with movable guide rail which provides extra reliability for when joining together the patchwork pieces and much, much more. You can also add embroidery to this model.
Download 770QE Brochure

Bernina 740
The BERNINA 740 responds to your needs. The presser foot automatically lowers at the start of a seam and lifts at the end. Also included is a practical extension table with ample space to hold your larger sewing projects.Optimum visibility and superb fabric feed. The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed tames hard-to-manage fabrics. Easy to engage when needed, the BERNINA Dual Feed tucks completely out of the way when it’s not. With the launch of the 7 Series, BERNINA presents a world’s first, the BERNINA 9 Hook. Combining the two best hook technologies, the B 9 Hook is patent pending. The new heart of the BERNINA machine features a novel, centrally-placed driver, which allows the B 9 Hook to run steady and quiet. The B 9 Hook sews high-precision stitches up to 9 mm in width with speeds up to a 1,000 stitches per minute. And the bobbin has 80 percent more thread capacity than our standard bobbins, allowing you to sew longer without interruption.
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5 Series

The BERNINA 580 was designed with your sewing and embroidery future in mind. A variety of special accessories and presser feet are included with the machine. When you are ready to expand your options, you’ll find a broad range of accessories available. Whatever new techniques you want to explore, you’ll find the right accessories to help grow your sewing, quilting and embroidery skills, including the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)*, embroidery design collections and embroidery software.
Download 580 Brochure

Bernina 570 Quilter's Edition
The B 570 QE provides an exclusive level of stitch control. Whether altering the stitch length (up to 5 mm), width (up to 5.5 mm) or needle position (up to 11) or even creating custom combinations, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a machine that remembers the stitch details for you.
The B 570 QE is a genuine all-rounder that can sew, quilt and embroider. The touchscreen makes changing from sewing to embroidery mode a breeze. There are 50 embroidery designs to choose from, and you can upload your own embroidery designs via a USB connection. The designs can be edited right on the touchscreen with the Rotate, Mirror, Rescale, and Color Change functions.
Download 570QE Brochure

Bernina 560
Whatever you want to sew or embellish, the BERNINA 560 has a varied range of stitches on offer. With a total of 676 stitches, of which 160 are embroidery stitches, you have a generous selection from which to choose. All stitches can be sewn with a stitch width of up to 9 mm, which is very practical in particular for decorations. In addition, it offers 5 alphabets that can be sewn as well as embroidered. The 70 embroidery patterns can be retrieved in a separate embroidery mode and adjusted using the touchscreen: turning, rotating, mirroring, sizing and other changes are achieved quickly thanks to the intuitive ease of use. Your individually adjusted stitches and embroidery designs are easily and permanently saved using the memory function.
Download 560 Brochure

Bernina 530
The BERNINA 530 includes a library of over 140 stitches conveniently stored by category for a wide variety of applications. You can view and select stitches directly or use the easy-to-navigate screen. Whatever your sewing project, you’ll find the perfect stitch. With the one-step automatic buttonhole function you will have consistent buttonhole length time after time. You’ll appreciate the user friendly features and simple interface. The crisp LCD displays all your settings at a glance. The built-in Sewing Consultant is ready to assist you at any time. The practical semi-automatic needle threader lets you start sewing faster. With the BERNINA 530, you’ll spend more of your valuable time sewing and quilting.
Download 530 Brochure

530 Swiss Red
Bernina 530 Swiss Red
The BERNINA 530 Swiss Red boasts an extensive repertoire of utility and decorative stitches whose properties can be individually set. Stitch length and width as well as 11 different needle positions can be freely modified, and either temporarily or permanently saved to the 530 Swiss Red’s memory. The BERNINA 530 Swiss Red is therefore up to the challenge of a wide range of tasks, and provides you with optimum control over your sewing projects. Stitch parameters can be individually matched to the fabric and the intended effect, so that you always achieve your desired result when sewing and quilting. The BERNINA 530 Swiss Red’s clearly laid-out control panel enables quick access to all stitch patterns and settings, including reverse and mirror function, manual or automatic buttonhole, and much more. Clever, practical and flexible – the ideal sewing machine for ambitious sewers.
Download 530 Swiss Red Brochure

3 Series

Bernina 380
A spacious sewing surface is a top priority with the BERNINA 380. The easy-to-attach extension table extends the sewing machine’s work area, ensuring better control over your sewing project. This means that the BERNINA 380 always affords you a clear view of your fabric, even with larger sewing projects. And should you want to use the free arm, the extension table can be removed from the sewing machine as easily as it was attached.
Download 3 Series Brochure

350 PE
Bernina 350 Piecing Edition
The BERNINA 350 PE counts among its features a free-arm extension table enabling you to increase your work area quickly, affording you greater ease when sewing, and allowing for optimum control in guiding your project. Together with the bright LED sewing light, this provides you with the perfect view of your project. Large-format projects in particular can be handled effortlessly – and once you are done, remove the BERNINA 350 PE’s extension table with the push of a button to return to free-arm sewing.
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Bernina 330
The BERNINA 330’s broad variety of stitches are an invitation to try out and experiment, letting you create attractive stitch combinations that you’ll want to use again the next time you turn on your machine. Whereas in the past you’d need a notebook to jot down your stitch combinations, the BERNINA 330 offers a generous long-term memory with 30 free locations for your own stitch creations. This ensures that your favorite or most frequently used stitch combinations are immediately available again at the press of a button. The BERNINA 330 offers an extra touch of luxury missing from many entry-level machines – room for your own creativity. The memory function is also a useful aid when the BERNINA 330 is being used as a sewing machine for sewing classes, since it ensures that required stitch combinations are also available again in the next class, exactly as they were saved. This saves time and guarantees identical results.
Download 3 Series Brochure

215 Simply Red

BERNINA 215 Simply Red
Who says a sewing machine always has to look the same? For the BERNINA 215 Simply Red, there’s a very special option available: with BERNINA DesignSkins®, you can turn your BERNINA 215 Simply Red into an unmistakeable, entirely individual one-off. To do this, you can either select your favorite design from the various designs available at BERNINA DesignSkins® , or use your own photos or graphics to lend an individual look to your BERNINA 215 Simply Red. Your design is printed on an easy-to-apply vinyl skin, enabling you to style your BERNINA 215 Simply Red according to your wishes and preferences –it doesn’t get any more individual than that!
Download 215 Simply Red Brochure


bernette Seville 4
bernette Seville 4
The bernette Seville is a great machine at an affordable price. With variable stitch width and an assortment of practical and decorative stitches, the bernette Seville helps you turn your sewing dreams into stitched projects!


Micro Thread Control Only from Bernina 

Bernina's patented Micro Thread Control (mtc) lets you fine-tune your stitches with incredible ease, for the best looking seams you ever saw. Featured on the M series sergers. You can fine-tune the over-edge thread length at the turn of a knob for a tight, clean finish. 

From Loose To Lovely... With a Flick of the Wrist

It's not just more precise, it's easier. Previously, to correct overhanging thread loops, you had to reset cutting width and both looper tensions. Now, one twist of the mtc knob makes a smooth, tight seam, and makes it easy to create a professional finish as you move from fabric to fabric. These edges are so perfect, you have to see them to believe them.

The 1300MDC

Sew, cut and neaten in a single operation-in overlock, chain or cover stitch. Innovative features make this serger delightfully easy to use and ensure professional quality down to the last stitch. You'll be inspired by the wide range of stitches and enjoy the wealth of deluxe features that make serging an even greater pleasure. With the patented BERNINA®Micro Thread Control (mtc), every edge can look perfect and loose loops are a thing of the past.

  • Micro Thread Control: Thanks to mtc, it's finally possible to directly set the over-edge thread length for the perfect seam at the twist of a knob (a Bernina exclusive)

  • A Simple Threading System: The Bernina lay-in system lets you thread quickly and directly-and the automatic lower-looper threading system makes it simpler, too

  • Rolled Hem: Nothing is simpler than a Bernina rolled hem -- simply move the rolled-hem lever to switch effortlessly to a rolled edge stitch and back again with no need to change the stitch plate or presser foot

  • LCD Screen: The clear display tells you both personal and default basic settings of stitch variations; you can also read recommended basic thread tension, and save personal settings

The 1150MDA

Simplicity meets performance. Sew, cut, and neaten in a single operation. Innovative features make this serger so easy to use and ensure professional quality down to the last stitch. You'll be inspired by the wide range of overlock stitches and enjoy the wealth of deluxe features that make serging an even greater pleasure. With the patented BERNINA® Micro Thread Control (mtc), every edge can look perfect and loose loops are a thing of the past.

  • Micro Thread Control: Thanks to mtc , it's finally possible to directly set the over-edge thread length for the perfect seam at the twist of a knob (a Bernina exclusive)

  • A Simple Threading System: The Bernina lay-in system lets you thread quickly and directly-and the automatic lower-looper threading system makes it simpler, too

  • Automatic Needle Threader: The built-in needle threader will thread both needles for you -- it couldn't be easier!

  • Handwheel Position Indicator: Easy, ergonomic operation -- find the ideal threading position for the needles and the lower looper quickly (a Bernina exclusive)

  • Professional Knife Drive from Above: Provides the greatest, most robust cutting force -- even thick fabrics won't deflect the upper knife-so all fabric edges can be trimmed safely and professionally

A simple, easy and affordable serger... with room to grow. In just one pass, you can cut, sew and finish edges on everything from fine silks and satin to denim, fleece and stretchy fabrics with the greatest of ease. And, although the 800DL is an entry level machine, you can sew like a pro with versatile features that make serging fast and simple.

  • Serging with one or two needles 2, 3 and 4 thread overlock capabilities

  • Adjustable tension

  • Smooth operator simplifies threading by doing most of the work for you

  • A differential feed keeps seams smooth and flat

  • The built-in rolled hem feature is yours at the flick of a switch

This specialty machine is designed to give you the tools of making ready-to-wear garments. The two stitches it does - the coverstitch and the chain stitch - are staples in the garment industry. Add these to the 2, 3, and 4 thread capabilities of your regular BERNINA serger, and you're ready to serge any fabric for all types of projects.

  • There's no need to convert from regular serging to chain or cover stitching

  • The 009DCC is always ready to complement your BERNINA sewing machine and serger


BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 
What’s under the hood?


BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 DesignerPlus - New Features


General Features
  • Embroidery Library with search capability
  • Separate folder for designs and machine files
  • New thread charts added
  • New Benartex fabrics added
  • USB stick for software installation
  • Product key for software activation
  • Hoop templates for design positioning
  • BERNINA E16 hoops included
Three-Dimensional (3D) Designs
  • Couching
  • CutWork
Thread Palette Selection
  • My Threads docker
  • Automatic kerning for distinctive fonts
  • Monogram Template Designs
Edit and Customize
  • Layout to Work Area / Quilt Block
  • Copy and apply object properties
  • Duplicate with or without offset
  • Array and Reflect Mirror Merge tools
  • Knife tool to cut filled objects
  • Basting Stitch Marker and Graphic Markers
View Designs
  • Design tabs
  • Hoop templates
  • Show Work Area / Quilt Block
  • Travel toolbar
  • Design grouped, when opened
Edit Stitch Functions
  • Always tie-off and trim
  • Cut buttonhole slit
  • Create Appliqué with CutWork
Stitch Effects
  • 3D Globe Effect for pattern fills
  • Elastic Fancy Fill
  • Alternating Pattern Fills
  • Quilting Backgrounds
Stitch Types (Fills and Outlines)
  • Sculptured Run Outline
  • Zigzag Outline
Auto Digitizing
  • Color PhotoStitch
  • Magic Wand Block Digitizing
  • Magic Wand Fill without Holes
  • Magic Wand Centerline Trace
  • Selectable Magic Wand color matching methods
  • Save designs in the all new V8 ART format
Other Features
  • Right-click menu for object editing
  • Feedback Reporter to report software issues



There’s a new edge to creative sewing... cut, crystals, and paint!

BERNINA DesignWorks is a software suite consisting of three modules that can be applied independently of each other. BERNINA DesignWorks supports the personalized creative construction of patterns and forms as well as the editing of completed motifs and designs on your PC. The DesignWorks family includes the modules CutWork, PaintWork, and CrystalWork.

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